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Orwin Hébert - fiddle & Lucie Périer - flute

Special guests : Jacky Beaucé (flute),  Nicolas Delatouche (box), Eddy Guilloteau (bodhràn)

Sound Engineer - Yaubec Cajek

Pictures : Célia Hélan & Robert Lemoine - C & R photo


01 - Apples In Winter - Jerry Holland's - Whelan's Old Sow (jigs)

02 - Kitty O'Shea (barndance)

03 - The Fox in the Town - The Turnpike - Devanny's Goat (reels)

04 - The Cuckoo's Nest - The Plane on the Plank (hornpipes)

05 - The Barony Jig - Little Fair Cannavans (slip jigs)

06 - The Ferry Crossing - Walsh's - McDermott's (polkas)

07 - Sergeant Early's Dream - Coen's Memories (reels)

08 - Farewell to Caledonia - The Stork Takes Its Flight (waltzes)

09 - Glentown - Dowd's Reel (reels)

10 - Old Walls of Liscaroll - The Road to Lisdoonvarna - The Bag of Spuds (jig / reels)

11 - The Exhaustion Reel - Fisla (reels)

12 - Munster Buttermilk - The Flying Wheelchair - McIntyre's Fancy (jigs)

13 - Charlie Harris' 1 & 2 (reels)

14 - Planxty Koé - Koko's Jig  (air / jig)

Apples In Winter - Lucie Périer & Orwin Hébert

"French flutist Lucie Périer was influenced by her family in Irish music from a young age, so it's no surprise to discover this wonderful collection of music from herself and violonist Orwin Hébert.

Applies In Winter is a very aptly titled CD. Apples are very much a "feel good" and "go to" healthy option to stave off illness, especially in the winter months. And of course, music is very much prevalent in keeping our mental health alive and well ; in fact never more so than now amid this pandemic world we find ourselves in. Although the title has its literal origin in a cider meeting of these two musicians, I feel the health benefit interpretations by far outweigh the cider meeting ! This French duo really do bring a little touch of well-being to our sprits these winter months.

Apples In Winter is a collection of fourteen tracks steeped in Irish tradition. From jigs to reels, wtalzes to barndances, hornpipes too, this is a collection of fine Irish tunes all the way through. With a good mix of familiar tunes alongside those very much stamped by Lucie. The Cuckoo's Nest and The Plance on the Plank among those familiar, and The Stork Takes Its Flight, Planxty Koé and Farewell to Caledonia from Lucie, and of course Koko's Jig from Hébert. There's a real mix in this collection and something everyone can enjoy. With Hébert's experience in a variety of musical traditions combined with Périer's flute, the result really is a very fine sound. Périer and Hébert are joined by Eddy Guilloteau (bodhràn), Jacky Beaucé (flute) and Nicolas Delatouche (accordion). All come together beautifully to enrich and accompany this duo.

Apples In Winter all the way from France, yet very much Irish in temperament, really is good medicine to listen to in this winter season."

Grainne McCool, Irish Music Magazine, Nov. 2020

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