01 - Suantrai : Seothó seothú ló

02 - Dance tunes : The Golden Teaspoon  /  The Long Trip to Nouméa (flings)

03 - Planxty Dùn Ulùn

04 - Dance Tunes : The Clattering Stork  / The Stork's Nest (jigs)

05 - Suantrai - aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile

06 - Planxty Tailla

07 - Polkas - The Happy Witch & The Flying Broomstick

08 - Suantrai - Mo ghaol, mo ghrá 'gus m'eadúil thú

09 - Suantrai - Ouanéoué River & Tonghoué Peak

10 - Planxty Caledonia

Planxty Project / Vol. 1 - Lucie Périer

Digital only

HIGH DEFINITION 24-bit, 44.1kHz Stereo wav. File sizes for wav downloads can be up to 80Mb per song. Downloads will be made available instantly after your purchase and include the booklet with sleeve notes.

Recorded in her own "sacred space" in Les Bouchoux - France, 'Planxty Project' is a collection of newly crafted tunes by Lucie Périer.

'Planxty Project' is a flute healing journey and a composition project inspired by the old and new music from Ireland.

Emotive and simple melodies coupled with the music of Nature, this album captures the spirit and energy of Lucie's musical soul.