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FR Issue d’une famille de musiciens férus de musique irlandaise, Lucie définit la musique irlandaise comme « sa langue musicale maternelle ».
Son « style fluide, délié et richement ornementé » (Jean-Michel Veillon) fait d’elle une flûtiste reconnue en France mais aussi en Irlande.
Aujourd’hui installée dans le Jura, Lucie poursuit ses projets musicaux autour de la musique irlandaise avec les groupes Flinn, Lucie Périer & Her Big (Hus)Band mais aussi avec le groupe Falguièra en bal trad;

EN Flute player Lucie Périer is renowned for her use of the silver boehm flute on Irish traditional music, jazz and world music. Born to a very musical family steeped in Irish traditional music, Lucie defines Irish music as her « native » language, as she was taught her first tunes by her father, fiddle and box player Christian Périer, and her first songs by her mother Jacqueline Fontanel.

Now based in Le Jura, France, she released Apples In Winter in December 2019 with fiddle player Orwin Hébert and she is busy touring with the husband-and-wife duet Lucie Périer & Her Big (hus)Band, and with bands Flinn (Irish music) and Falguièra (bal trad)

Regarded as a skilled, sensitive and versatile musician, she is also a teacher in demand and founded in 2018 her own music school, L'École Anémochore.


"The formidable musical talents of Lucie Périer" Robert McMillen, The Irish News

"Flute player Lucie Périer is exceptionally good and reminds us of Brian Finnegan, one of the best flute players in Ireland" Ian Friedmann, The Readifolk Radio Show

"There is only a few players make the silver flute sound Irish and Lucie Périer is one of them." Brendan Mulholland

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